Effortless efficiency

AdvaPACS continuous delivery (CD) for seamless updates

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying current with the latest technology is essential. AdvaPACS understands the value of your time and resources. Our continuous delivery model ensures your AdvaPACS cloud solution is always equipped with the latest features, security enhancements, and performance optimizations – without disrupting your workflow.

advapacs automated updates

How continuous delivery benefits you

Zero downtime (cloud)

AdvaPACS cloud updates are deployed seamlessly in the background, ensuring your team can continue working without interruption.

Always up-to-date

Automatically benefit from the newest features and improvements as they become available, empowering your staff with the most advanced tools for diagnosis and collaboration.

Enhanced security

Receive critical security patches and vulnerability fixes promptly, protecting your valuable patient data and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Reduced IT burden

If configured, AdvaPACS Gateways on Windows can self-update, freeing your IT team from manual tasks.

Simplified management

Enjoy a centralised update process across your entire AdvaPACS ecosystem, ensuring consistent performance and functionality throughout your organisation.

How it works?

Simple, seamless, and invisible to your users.

1. Continuous development

Our development team continuously works on enhancing AdvaPACS, adding new features, and refining existing ones.

2. Automated testing

Rigorous automated testing ensures the quality and reliability of each update before it’s deployed.

3. Seamless deployment

Updates are rolled out to the cloud infrastructure in a controlled manner, minimising any impact on your workflow.

4. Proactive communication

We notify you of relevant updates and provide guidance on how to leverage new features or enhancements.

On-Premises Gateways

For AdvaPACS Gateways installed on Windows, automatic updates are available if configured by the user. For Linux or Docker installations, updates can be applied manually using standard procedures.

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Peace of mind

With AdvaPACS continuous delivery, you can rest assured that your PACS solution is always evolving to meet your needs, delivering the highest level of performance, security, and innovation.

Use cases

Ideal for any healthcare facility seeking streamlined operations.

Small clinics

Benefit from the latest advancements in PACS technology without requiring extensive IT resources.

Large hospitals

Efficiently manage updates across your entire enterprise, ensuring consistent performance and security.

Multi-Site practices

Maintain uniformity and compliance across all locations with centralised, automated updates.

Any healthcare facility

Experience streamlined operations, reduced IT costs, and enhanced security with AdvaPACS continuous delivery.

Ready to simplify your PACS management and experience worry-free updates?

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