Securely store & access medical imaging data without data or scalability worries

With AdvaPACS, you’ll never have to worry about data loss or scalability issues, as it offers virtually limitless storage capacity. Moreover, AdvaPACS is compatible with various medical imaging modalities, making it the go-to choice for healthcare providers worldwide.

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security, scalability & accessibility

Unlock the full potential of your medical imaging data with cloud-native enterprise imaging solution

Efficient, cost-effective, and secure medical imaging data management for healthcare organisations

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Cut costs and increase flexibility

Healthcare organisations are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency. AdvaPACS offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for on-site maintenance and provides flexibility regarding scalability, performance, and price.

Our cloud-native enterprise imaging solution allows organisations to save money by avoiding costly hardware investments and benefit from the improved performance of the cloud platform.

With AdvaPACS, you can scale up or down your storage capacity as needed without incurring extra costs.

Scale your medical enterprise imaging system with ease

Managing large volumes of medical imaging data can be challenging, but with AdvaPACS, scalability is never an issue. Our cloud-native enterprise imaging solution is designed to accommodate growing organisations and their increasing data needs.

Whether you need to scale up to store more data or scale down to save costs, AdvaPACS provides an efficient way to manage your medical imaging data. With our scalable solution, you can save time, money, and resources while ensuring your data is secure and accessible. Don’t let data limitations hold you back.

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Increase accessibility and efficiency

AdvaPACS offers high accessibility, allowing healthcare providers to access medical imaging data from any location with an internet connection. This makes it easy for remote or mobile workers to access the information they need, increasing efficiency and productivity.

With AdvaPACS, healthcare providers can view, store, and share medical images seamlessly without worrying about physical barriers or accessibility issues.

Protect your imaging data with advanced disaster recovery features

AdvaPACS offers advanced disaster recovery features to protect your imaging data in case of natural disasters, system failure, or other emergencies. With built-in redundancy and automatic failover capabilities, AdvaPACS ensures your data is always available, even during unexpected disruptions.

You can rest assured that your critical medical imaging data is secure and accessible at all times, no matter what—Trust AdvaPACS for robust disaster recovery and peace of mind.

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Seamlessly connect your healthcare systems

AdvaPACS provides seamless integration with other healthcare systems, including electronic health records (EHRs) and radiology information systems (RIS), allowing for streamlined workflows and improved data sharing across departments and organisations.

With AdvaPACS integration, you can easily access and manage your medical imaging data alongside other critical patient information, making it easier to provide high-quality care. Say goodbye to siloed information and embrace the power of connected healthcare systems with AdvaPACS.

Data durability and security (including ISO27001:2022 Compliant)

At AdvaPACS, we understand that the security and durability of your data are of the utmost importance. That’s why we built our cloud-native PACS solution on the trusted AWS platform, which is fully certified with all relevant regulatory bodies.

With AWS, your data is stored in multiple locations, ensuring maximum availability and reduced risk against any potential data loss. In addition to this, our AdvaPACS platform has achieved ISO 27001:2022 compliance, meaning we have rigorous processes in place to safeguard your data at every step.

With regular external penetration testing and a commitment to data security, you can trust in the reliability of AdvaPACS for your healthcare organisation.

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No software purchases required and with minimal hardware - AdvaPACS scales with you

Leverage your existing infrastructure to unlock the power of AdvaPACS without the hassle of implementation, maintenance, and upgrades.

AdvaPACS has you covered

A cloud-native enterprise imaging solution for all sizes of medical imaging organisations

AdvaPACS is designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of healthcare providers and facilities, providing them with a secure, reliable, and efficient solution for storing and managing medical imaging data.

  • Private & Public Hospitals

  • Private Radiology Clinics

  • Dental, Ophthalmology, Veterinary, OBS/GYN, Oncology

  • Screening

  • Mobile Radiology

Get started with AdvaPACS now to experience the new way of operating medical imaging data. Simple, secure, affordable, and reliable.

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Why choose AdvaPACS

Key advantages over on-premise PACS

  • No Large Infrastructure Cost

    With no large on-premise hardware to purchase and manage, you can reallocate capital to growth areas.

  • Availability & Durability

    AdvaPACS operates over a minimum of three geographically redundant data centres making it highly available. In addition to this, your data is synchronously replicated between these locations ensuring a high level of data durability.

  • Reduce Exposure to Cyber Security Risks

    AdvaPACS utilises immutable cloud object storage, and multiple layers of encryption and access control to secure your data.

  • Flexibility & Scalability

    You never have to worry about storage capacity or hardware growth. AdvaPACS can store and process a virtually unlimited amount of data. Our platform scales according to demand and you simply pay only for the resources that you consume.

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Modern cloud-native PACS solution. Enables clinical specialties producing diagnostic images of all sizes to access a feature-rich and capital-light SaaS solution.

Get peace of mind...

AdvaPACS is a fully managed service

With AdvaPACS, there are no large and expensive on-premise PACS servers to supply, support, monitor or update. You have peace of mind knowing your PACS data is being managed at a high-level facility and monitored 24/7.

Operating an on-premise PACS comes with a lot of hardware to support and maintain. This burdens your IT department with work that does not create value for your institution.

AdvaPACS is a cloud-native managed service. Allow your IT team to free themselves from the burden of medical imaging hardware maintenance and support, and allow that time to be reallocated to value-creating tasks.

AdvaPACS operates across multiple geographically separated data centres with highly-available auto-scaling infrastructure that is continuously monitored.

AdvaPACS is fully managed by AdvaHealth Solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

A complete solution

Standard features

Our standard features include everything you need. Enjoy the benefits of flexibility, scalability, reliability, functionality and security for one all-inclusive price.

Storage Tiering
Assigning Authorities
Compression Rules
Routing Rules
Transform Rules
Modality Worklist
Document/File Storage
Data Migration Tool
Let's get started

Simple, secure, affordable, and reliable.

With a simple sign up process and no long-term commitment, you can be storing your medical images and other data in the cloud in minutes with zero implementation skills needed.

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient care with AdvaPACS.

Frequently asked questions

What is AdvaHealth Solutions?

We create solutions that help improve the operations of organisations that work with medical images. Our aim is to empower clients to achieve more, with less effort and waste. We do this through solutions like our cloud-native enterprise imaging solution.

Who is AdvaHealth Solutions?

Our founders have lived and breathed medical imaging, with experience as medical practitioners, business directors and operational staff. We understand the challenge of delivering high-quality healthcare with limited resources, and we’re dedicated to making things easier. Today, we employ a global team that’s passionate about making an impact in the organisations we serve.

Where do you operate?

We operate from offices in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Vietnam. Our products and services are designed for flexibility and can be tailored to suit private and public healthcare organisations around the world.

What is the advantage of cloud-native services?

Cloud-native software and services offer many powerful benefits to organisations, including cost savings, flexibility, mobility (access data from anywhere), disaster recovery and greater redundancy.

What types of organisations do you work with?

AdvaPACS scales to suit your needs. We work with any organisation that acquires imaging and needs a solution for enterprise imaging. This includes medical groups, hospitals, dedicated diagnostic imaging centres, as well as teleradiology providers. AdvaPACS is equally suited for other medical sectors that need to manage, store and access medical imaging including oncology, ophthalmology and veterinary.

Is the cloud safe and secure?

AdvaPACS is developed with a security first mindset and remains a top priority for our team. AdvaPACS utilises encryption, cloud-native technologies and intrusion monitoring and detection to minimise risk. In many cases, cloud-native software can help you meet data handling compliance requirements.

Can’t find answers to your questions? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Ask a question