The Modernizing Cloud-Native PACS for Healthcare

AdvaPACS, a fully-managed cloud-native PACS with Enterprise Imaging VNA capabilities, empowers medical imaging specialists to diagnose patients using our FDA & TGA approved diagnostic viewers. This capital-light SaaS solution enhances workflow efficiency, improves care, reduces costs, and offers flexible, auto-scaling scalability.

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Tailored for Healthcare Imaging

Efficient, cost-effective, and secure enterprise imaging solution

AdvaPACS is designed to grow with your needs, providing enhanced data durability and security.

Flexible & Scalable

Seamlessly adapts to your growing needs, eliminating the need for constant upgrades.

Reduce IT Costs & Support

Minimise IT burden and free up your IT staff for strategic initiatives with our automated, scalable imaging solution.

Enhanced Security & Uptime

Ensure patient data security and system reliability for uninterrupted access.

Streamline Your Imaging Workflow

Tailored solutions for every need

AdvaPACS offers a flexible solution that adapts to your specific imaging needs. Choose from the options below to see how we can optimise your workflow

Production PACS

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Ideal for facilities seeking a comprehensive, secure solution for managing all their medical imaging data.

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Hybrid PACS

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Seamlessly integrate AdvaPACS with your existing infrastructure for a cost-effective, flexible approach.

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Disaster Recovery PACS

cloud native pacs disaster recovery

Ensure business continuity and safeguard your critical imaging data with our reliable disaster recovery solution.

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Ready to take control of your imaging workflow?

See AdvaPACS in action and discuss your specific needs with our solution specialist.

Streamline Your Imaging Workflow

Centralised user & modality management

Streamline your workflow with unlimited connections. Consolidate and manage all your users & imaging data from various sources in one central location with AdvaPACS.

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Unlimited users

AdvaPACS removes user limitations, allowing unlimited healthcare professionals to access and collaborate on patient cases. This eliminates the need to purchase additional licenses, reduces administrative burdens, and empowers your entire team to deliver exceptional patient care.

Unlimited modality connections

Connect to any number of imaging devices, including X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and more, without incurring additional fees. This eliminates the need for separate licenses for each modality, simplifying your workflow and data management.

Enhanced efficiency

Access all your patient’s imaging studies from a single platform, regardless of the modality used. This saves time and effort previously spent searching for studies in different systems.

Improved collaboration

Facilitate seamless collaboration between healthcare professionals by providing a centralised repository for all imaging data. This enables efficient sharing and review of studies across departments.

Streamlined workflows

Automate routine tasks associated with image acquisition, routing, and storage, freeing up valuable time for your staff to focus on patient care.

Reduced costs

Eliminate the need for additional software licenses or hardware upgrades to accommodate new modalities.

AdvaPACS empowers you to leverage the power of centralised modality management, fostering better patient care and improved operational efficiency.

AdvaPACS Clinician Portal

Attract more referrals, improve clinician satisfaction. Facilitates effortless studies sharing between you and your referring clinicians.

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AdvaPACS has you covered

Perfect for all sizes and specialties

Designed to meet the needs of medical imaging specialists and organisations of all sizes. Whether you’re a:

Private & Public Hospitals
Private Radiology Clinics
Dental Practices
Ophthalmology Practices
Veterinary Clinics
OBS/GYN Practices
Oncology Centers
Screening Facilities
Mobile Radiology Providers
And More!

Benefits for everyone

  • Reduced costs: Eliminate the upfront capital expense of traditional PACS with our pay-as-you-go model.
  • Scalability: Seamlessly adapt to your growing needs without worrying about infrastructure limitations.
  • Security & uptime: Ensure the safety of your patient data and experience reliable access to your imaging studies.
  • Improved workflow: Streamline your processes and boost productivity with our centralised modality & users management features.

Flexible pricing model

  • Pay-as-you-go model: Only pay for the storage and uploaded studies, making it ideal for organisations of all sizes.
  • No minimum volume requirement: Get started without any limitations on how much data you store.
  • No lock-in contract: Enjoy the flexibility to scale up or down as your needs evolve.

Whether you're a large hospital system or a single-person practice, AdvaPACS can empower you to deliver exceptional patient care.


AdvaPACS testimonial

Real users. Real results: Why medical professionals choose AdvaPACS


“We recently adopted AdvaPACS services, the installation process was seamless, and the team provided step-by-step guidance that made it easy for me to set up everything without any hitches. I was impressed with the level of support provided by the team. From the very first interaction, the team was proactive in addressing my concerns and provided me with prompt solutions. The team showed exceptional knowledge and expertise in diagnosing the issue and provided me with quick and effective solutions. They were patient and took the time to explain the resolution steps in detail, which made it easier for me to understand. This level of support and attention to detail has been hard to come by in recent times. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by AdvaPACS, Their fantastic support has made us a satisfied customer. Highly recommended!”

Health Cube Medical Clinics

“We have always been looking for an online PACS system for our growing patient base here at Health Cube, and what we found with AdvaPACS was just that and so much more. Not only did it give us a very reliable solution for archiving, but it also helped us streamline multiple processes — which in turn — greatly increased our efficiency. From our radiologists, to technicians, and to our IT team, different members across the company appreciated both the ease of use and the onboarding process and support provided by AdvaPACS. We’re excited to expand our use as we grow as well.”

More than just an enterprise imaging solution. With a focus on user-friendliness and comprehensive support, AdvaPACS empowers you achieve better outcomes.

Get peace of mind...

Sit back and relax

Managing an imaging system shouldn’t be a headache. AdvaPACS, provides a comprehensive solution with:

  • Unlimited support: Our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions and troubleshoot any issues, ensuring you have the support you need, regardless of your IT resources.
  • Effortless scalability & security:
    • Tri-synchronisation: Ensures consistent and reliable data replication across geographically separated data centers for enhanced security and disaster recovery.
    • Highly-available, Auto-scaling infrastructure: Guarantees seamless operation and adapts to your growing imaging needs without IT intervention.
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Ditch the legacy burden

AdvaPACS empowers you to streamline your imaging workflow, optimise resources, and deliver exceptional patient care. Stop settling for outdated, on-premise solutions or basic cloud PACS that simply move your storage burden to the cloud. Embrace the future of healthcare imaging with AdvaPACS’ comprehensive managed service.

Object storage advantage

AdvaPACS utilises object storage, a highly scalable and cost-effective architecture, resulting in significantly lower storage costs compared to on-premise PACS and PACS hosted in the cloud solutions.

Effortless data migration

Our cost-effective data migration process breaks down the barriers of traditional systems, making the transition to AdvaPACS seamless and affordable.

How it works?

Ease of deployment

AdvaPACS delivers a streamlined, capital-free deployment process that gets you up and running quickly. Our simplified installation takes just three easy steps​.

1. Install AdvaPACS gateway

This is the central component that connects your imaging devices to AdvaPACS.

2. Easy DICOM configuration

Effortlessly configure your local and remote imaging devices (AE) seamlessly integrate with AdvaPACS.

3. Start Using AdvaPACS

Once configured, you’re ready to begin storing, accessing, and managing your diagnostic images.

All-Inclusive Power

20+ Standard Features at No Extra Cost

Disrupting the traditional model, AdvaPACS offers a comprehensive solution with over 20+ features included in the base price. This means you get the flexibility, scalability, performance, and security you need, all without any hidden fees or expensive add-ons.

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About us

Our mission

AdvaHealth Solutions is focused on utilising next-generation technologies in a practical way to deliver real-world solutions to real-world challenges that ultimately reduces the costs of healthcare whilst improving access.

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